Cagiva Elefant Fully Adjustable AK-20 Fork Upgrade

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Product Overview

What's in the kit:

  • Matched set of custom-built fully adjustable fork cartridges
  • Custom fork top caps
  • Fork oil
  • Install guide

Product Features:

  • Highest precision fork cartridges in the world
  • Custom sprung and damped to match your bike, your weight and preferred riding style
  • Custom made for the Ducati E900 and Cagiva E900AC allow for drop in installation
  • Requires no modifications to the bike
  • Retains original steering geometry

Product Benefits:

  • State of the art fork damping
  • Reduces unsprung weight by 1.5 kilograms
  • Fully adjustable for compression and rebound damping

Installation Details:

  • Requires Bodywork Removal? No
  • Requires Tank Removal? No
  • Install Guide? Yes Traxxion supplied guide
  • Model Specific install Guide? Yes Traxxion supplied guide
  • Made in USA

The AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Kit DRAMATICALLY transforms ill-handling bikes. Immediately you will feel a smooth, controlled ride. The bike will not dive under aggressive or panic braking. You will have a confident feel even in high speed sweeping turns. Your tire wear will improve dramatically. Your pegs and floorboards will stop dragging the ground in turns. You will have great control and stability at low speeds, such as moving through a parking lot. Even your passenger will notice the difference! Overall, you won’t recognize your own bike!

The Ducati E900, Cagiva E900AC kit you see in these photos is absolutely STATE OF THE ART. It was introduced by EAB in 2010. It is custom spec’d to suit your needs, and comes with springs matched to your weight and your intended use.

This kit is Made In The USA with pride by skilled machinists and craftsmen. You cannot buy a better working set of forks anywhere, at any price.

DDL worked closely with Traxxion to develop the AK-20 kit for the Ducati E900 and Cagiva E900AC.

EAB has sold the AK-20 kits since 2010.

Buy with confidence, - You will be impressed

Warranty Information

1 year from date of purchase


(No reviews yet) Write a Review