About Us

Elefant Adventure Bikes has been supplying components, upgrades and accessories for Cagiva Elefant and Gran Canyon series in the world for 18 years

Elefant Adventure Bikes is the leading supplier of upgrades and accessories for the full series of Cagiva Elefant, Gran Canyon and Ducati E900 motorcycles. Through our DDL effort we have designed, engineered and brought to market many high value add-on kits for the bikes. Our site offers many unique exclusive upgrades and accessories for the bikes.

Additionally we supply many other items on demand. Look over the product pages and if you need something custom made or that is not listed use the contact page to email us with your needs.

We offer our wide range of plug and play upgrades to individual riders and repair shops throughout the world.

Completed projects with products available to buy:

  • DDL Main lighting upgrade kit
  • DDL Starter upgrade kit
  • DDL custom MOSFET plug&play regulator kit
  • DDL Steering Damper kit for the 1993-1997 Showa USD forks
  • DDL Kehnin FCR carburetors kit
  • DDL Spiegler E900 stainless steel brake lines upgrade kit
  • DDL custom shocks and progressive wound fork springs
  • Plug & Play voltage regulator upgrade kit
  • DDL coils upgrade kit with Magnecor wires for 900IE & 900AC
  • DDL aftermarket exhaust canister adapter kit
  • Uprated coils with new plug wires and NGK plugs
  • Traxxion custom fork cartridge upgrade kits