Fully adjustable Elefant Shock Upgrade DDL R5

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Product Overview

What's in the kit:

  • State of the art fully adjustable shock absorber for the Cagiva Elefant 900 AC / 750
  • Instruction Manual
  • Custom built setting values set up to your specific riding style and weight

Product Features:

  • The shock body is manufactured of high quality temperature stable, durable seamless precision tube.
  • The shock shaft is from 42CrMo4. All other shock elements are made of aluminium alloys 7075 and 6082, milled or twisted.
  • The 16 mm shaft bearing is self-aligning with teflon lined aluminium conductance components.
  • Valve pistons in three implementations depending on the rider specified use.
  • Progressive rate spring matched to rider weight, bike weight and riding style (type of use).
  • Continuously adjustable spring preload to match specific rider parameters.
  • All shocks are hand built by specialized technicians.
  • All shocks are 100% dyno tested prior to shipment.
  • Ride height adjuster offers up to 10 mm of shaft extension which usually translates to about 30 mm at the axle.
  • Custom static length (longer or shorter).
  • Custom shaft stroke (longer or shorter).
  • Rebound damping adjustment - 50 clicks (+/- 25 clicks from center position).
  • Continuously adjustable spring preload.

Product Benefits:

  • A true plug and play replacement
  • You are not only repacing an old and wore down component but installing an enhanced fully adjustable shock
  • Substantial step up over all OEM shocks and any aftermarket production-built shock.
  • Offers excellent value to cost conscious riders looking for more safety and performance on every ride.
  • Mixing of the oil and gas in the emulsion chamber precludes the use of user adjustable compression damping. Compression damping is set at the factory to match rider weight, bike weight and riding style.
  • Model offers the most useful rider adjustments (spring preload and rebound damping).

Installation Details:

  • Install Guide? Yes EAB online guide
  • Model Specific install Guide? Yes EAB online guide
  • Made in Europe




(No reviews yet) Write a Review