HICAP•SCDC | e650-e750

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Product Benefits:
Near instant starting
Product Benefits:
4 ga (25mm) negative connection tightens up entire electrical system
Install Difficulty:
Low, very easy install
Product Install Guide?:
Yes, maker supplied
Requires Tank Removal?:
Bike Model Specific Guide?:
Product Benefits:
Battery charging is enhanced
Requires Bodywork Removal?:
Left side fairing piece
Product Benefits:
Enhanced battery life

Product Overview

Specific Fitment:

  • Cagiva e650 / e750 series (1985-1989)

What's in the kit:

  • MOTOLECTRIC HICAP•SCDC 3-Lead Sealed Current Distribution Circuit 
  • MOTOLECTRIC InstallPak

Product Features:

  • Kit is specially sized for each model of bike
  • High strand count custom wire is very easy to route and manipulate
  • Everything to do a better than professional install is included
  • Top quality parts, the best in the world
  • Quick and easy starting reduces stress on any trip

Product Benefits:

  • Increases the energy in the starting circuit by 300%
  • Near instant starting (usually in .5-1.0 seconds)
  • Better ground connection improves all electrical circuits
  • Virtually eliminates the chance of a "fused solenoid"
  • Reduces wear on the starter motor, sprag clutch and battery by up to 85%

Product Details:

  • 100% sealed, 100% copper world-class starting upgrade kit
  • Circuit Conductor | 1666 strands of 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper in a rope lay to minimize vibrational deterioration
  • Terminals | Aircraft grade bare ETP seamless copper
  • Terminal Boots | Marine grade custom made customizable terminal boots
  • Circuit Connections | High pressure double swaged initiates cold-welding
  • Strain Relief |Double wall heat shrink seal at terminal to conductor juncture
  • Circuit Sealing | Shield metal sealant protects copper against harsh conditions
  • Insulation | Silicone jacketing - oil, gas, moisture resistant, heat resistant to 149 C

Installation Details:

  • Requires Bodywork Removal? Yes left side of fairing in front of tank
  • Requires Tank Removal? Yes
  • Install Guide? Yes EAB online guide
  • Model Specific install Guide? Yes EAB online guide
  • Made in USA

Hand built kit replaces the stock starting circuit and upgrades the ground connection from the engine case to the battery.

Highly recommended for the early Cagiva Elefant E650 and Cagiva Elefant E750.

We have sold this kit since 2002 to riders in 30+ countries.

If your bike takes longer than 1 second to start, you are experiencing added wear in the starter motor, sprag clutch and battery. Installing this kit reduces wear on the starting components to the minimum and pays for itself through reduced operating costs.

Batteries are only intended to be discharged (as during cranking the starter motor) for 2-4 seconds, with a multiple-minute rest between starting attempts. No one does the wait and the excess rapid cranking sequences cause batteries to degrade at an accelerated rate.


Warranty Information

Lifetime from the manufacturer


(No reviews yet) Write a Review