Cagiva Elefant Desmo 8mm Valve Shim Kit

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Product Overview


What's in the kit:

  • 36 8mm valve shims
  • Storage case and spacer tools

Product Features:

  • Kit is designed for all 8mm Ducati valve stem bikes 
  • Fits the Elefant and Grand Canyon engines among many other 2V models
  • Kit includes 36 shims
  • Spacer tool provided to measure size of closer shims
  • Increment between shim sizes is .10mm
  • Includes storage case

Product Benefits:

  • Direct replacement to OEM shims
  • Highest Quality craftmanship
  • Closer shims range in kit is 6.20mm to 7.60mm
  • Opener shims range in kit is 3.00mm to 5.0mm
  • Most common range sizes are covered in this kit


  • Made in USA

Properly adjusted valves is the baseline for adequate performance. These items are a must have for work on your engine and compliance with the recommended regular inspections of the desmodromic valvetrain by Ducati.

This 2v shim kit includes the most common range of shim sizes and includes a storage case and spacer tools to properly classify and store your valve shims.

If you want to extend the intervals between valve inspections we highly recommend opting for the MBP Collet (half ring) set as well.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review