Ducati Clutch Spanner Tool

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Product Overview


What's in the kit:

  • Ducati Clutch Spanner Tool

Product Features:

  • CNC Machined from T6 billet aluminum 
  • Rubberized grip for ergonomics
  • Compatible with any Ducati dry clutch system
  • Fits the standard 12 tooth basket
  • Fits the afermarket 48 tooth basket 
  • Fits the EVR slipper clutch

Product Benefits:

  • The spanner holds the center hub and the outer basket
  • Allows removal and replacement of the centre hub nut
  • The pillars on the original aluminium clutch assemblies can easily be damaged without the use of a proper holding tool such as Oberon's Ducati dry clutch spanner.

Installation Details: 

  • Install Guide? Online 
  • Model Specific install Guide? Yes EAB online guide
  • Made in UK


This Ducati clutch spanner is vital when working on any Ducati dry clutch system



(No reviews yet) Write a Review