EMP|CDM Ignition Upgrade Kit

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Product Overview

What's in the kit:

  • EMP|CDM unit 
  • Install pack

Product Features:

  • Plug and Play kit adds high speed electrical reservoir to your motorcycle
  • System operates in parallel with battery to improve all aspects of the electrical system on the bike
  • Delivers high current and stability to the ignition system
  • Circuit voltage automatically floats with battery and active (voltage regulator controlled) system voltage
  • No maintenance or adjustments necessary

Product Benefits:

  • Reduces voltage fluctuations inherent in all AC to DC electrical systems
  • Stability improves balance between cylinders
  • Engine runs much smoother
  • Improves cylinder combustion
  • Engine speeds up through RPM quicker
  • Improves throttle response
  • Improved combustion usually increases depth of exhaust tone
  • Increases low end torque and horsepower
  • Engine feels "sturdier" at partial throttle openings

Installation Details:

  • Requires Bodywork Removal? No
  • Requires Tank Removal? No
  • Install Guide? Yes EAB online guide
  • Model Specific install Guide? Yes EAB online guide

Very easy install with only two wires to the battery.

Narrow profile of module allows for easy mounting and installation.


Warranty Information

1 year from date of purchase


(No reviews yet) Write a Review