The "Elefant List" was formed in 1996 by an Ducati E900 owner in Monterey Calif. At that same time another E900 owner/rider in the San Francisco Bay Area had built a forum based site to be called "ElefantBoys" along with a talk list to be focussed on the Ducati E900 and the Cagiva Elefant. When the SF Bay rider learned of the Elefant list he did not want to split the focus between 2 sites/lists and so joined the original Elefant talk list, leaving the ElefantBoys site dormant. In 1997 the Monterey Bay owner bought a BMW and decided to focus on that bike. The SF Bay rider offered to host and continue the list and it became the Elefant Adventure Bikes (EAB) talk list. The rider went on to form a small business called DDL to help design, engineer and bring to market upgrades and accesories for the bikes.

In 1997 the list had 30 members and since that time the list has grown by a factor of 10 to 350 and has held steady at that approximate number. Ridesr/Owners from over 34 countries are members of the list.