International Elefant Owners - Below please find the terms our new Elefant Dispatch Service. Ordering through our site can save you time/hassle/money if you need multiple products from multiple vendors.

Elefant Dispatch Agent

This service to help those Elefant riders outside of the USA to obtain parts/accessories for their bike. It is not meant to be a service for other makes/models but if an Elefant rider owns other bikes/models we can discuss it.

USA International postal rates are set such that the first .4 kilo is about $24 to mail and each additional .4 kilo is only $4. So a package weighing 2.3 kilos costs $40 USD to send while shipping 5 individual .4 kilo packages costs $120 USD. The US postal service also offers a flat rate box which can be shipped for about $55 regardless of how much it weighs as long as the goods fit inside the box. Additionally many US vendors will not bother to ship out of the USA.

Here's the offer and terms;

If you order $300 worth of goods from the DDL site, one item of which must be one of the DDL Elefant kits (lighting, starting, regulator, horn, coils, FCRs or Scotts steering damper) then you can have up to 2 individual added orders from other suppliers shipped to you with your DDL order.
Once you order the minimum from DDL you can email us and specify what items and from what vendor you are going to have delivered under the DDL EDA (Elefant Dispatch Agent).
You then go the vendors site, place your order, pay for it and specify to have the goods shipped to us. We will package them together with your DDL items and send it all to you.
If you need/want to have more than 2 shipments from other vendors combined we will work with you but it will either incur and outright added charge for our time/hassle or you will want to order more goods from DDL

Caveats to keep in mind;

There are limitations on how much insurance can be purchased per box. If you order expensive items and want them insured it may be that they have to be shipped in multiple boxes if you want them insured for the full amount.

We will have to indicate a value fairly close to the true value of the items on the customs forms.

We will not fulfill the EDA service if you order an item from another vendor that is also offered on the DDL site.

Since shipping rates can now make the cost of shipping an item exceed the cost to buy an item, we hope this will help some riders get their bikes in top shape for the coming riding season.

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